The Best Thing That Happened In 2016 

Today, is officially the last day of 2016. This year was indeed a rollercoaster. I honestly wished I would of started this blog earlier so I could of talked more about my pregnancy, but with me mentioning that you probably have an idea what I will be saying. 

Honestly, 2016 was filled with so kany amazing things. The BEST of the BEST has to be when I became a mother. Since the majority of  you don’t know, but I found out I was expecting in November of 2015, found out the gender on February 2016, then gave birth to my daughter July 2016 [try to guess the date]

It has been a amazing, now seeing her at almost 6 months. It’s just a huge blessing. 

Here are some pictures of my pregnancy and the after birth: 

Throughout the next couple months I will probably be sharing some updates on my daughter if you guys would like. 

Some Facts: 

  • My daughter is almost 6 Months 
  • Sleeps all night
  • She had a seizure two days after she was born 
  • She babbles a lot. 
  • She keeps impressing me each and everyday

What is the best of the best thing that happened in 2016? 


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