50 Facts About Me 

I know all of you would gladly like to get to know me a little bit better, so now here is your chance. So let’s get started 

  1. I was born on groundhog day
  2. My zodic sign is Aquarius 
  3. I am a first time mom
  4. I used to volunteer with Animal Care and Contol 
  5. I wear size 2 in sneakers [yes I know its a small size] 
  6. I used to have my lip pierced 
  7. I dyed my hair a couple of times 
  8. I used to have a pet tutle name pickle 
  9. I have a morkie [yorkie/maltese] name Corky 
  10. I am stay at home mom 
  11. I’m deeply afraid of heights 
  12. I am a youtuber. Here is my channel
  13. I used to have a blog before 
  14. I am a lip junkie! 
  15. I am a beginner in makeup 
  16. I love all Tim Burton movies 
  17. My first concert was a Pierce The Veil 
  18. I met Bethany Mota. 
  19. I had my appendix removed at about 8 years old. 
  20. I used to love wearing jewelry, now I don’t 
  21. I am diagnosed with Depression 
  22. I used to go to college 
  23. I’m a very sensitive person. 
  24. I get hurt easily. 
  25. I cry alot. 
  26. I live with my mom and my daughter. 
  27. I am currently on the birth control depo 
  28. I hate anything spicy
  29. My favorite comic is Batman
  30. I am insecure about my height. 
  31. My height is 4ft 7inches 
  32. I LOVE chocolate 
  33. Starbucks is my lover 
  34. I could drink Ice Coffee in almost all weathers 
  35. I am not a huge fan of teas 
  36. I can’t wears heels for my life
  37. I am in love with Banana Pudding. 
  38. I want to get a Jack Skeleton tattoo 
  39. I never been on a plane 
  40. I am currently in the process of getting my first job 
  41. I used to be scared of the dark 
  42. I hate sleeping alone
  43. I always wanted to keep a blog [hopefully i will!] 
  44. I get nervous in front of crowds 
  45. I despise speaking in front of classmates 
  46. Not a huge fan of yogurt 
  47. I drink too much soda 
  48. I like lemon water more then just plain water 
  49. I get cavities easily 
  50. I live in New York City 

There you all go  50 random facts about me. Let me know a fact about yourself so we could get to know each other. I will see you all in my next post. 


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