ColourPop Haul 

The past couple of months I’ve became a huge fan of the brand Colourpop. A few days after Christmas, I decided on ordering a couple of things that I’ve been dying to try out. 

First off I ended up picking up 3 super shock shadows. The first two I’m going to show you are both from the Kathleen Lights X ColourPop Collabs! 

The first one out of the two is Cornelious which is a warm matte caramel. The other shadow I picked up from the collab is Weenie which is a metallic rose gold. I have been dying to get these shades and I’m so glad I did. I think once I get used to colourpops shadows I might do a quick look with them for you guys. 

The other shadow I ended up picking up is from ColourPop’s Holiday 2016 Collection and It’s called Tinsel. Tinsel according to Colourpop website is a grayed out icy lavender in a metallic finished. I do not own anything like this in my collection so I’m happy to have added this. I’m also deep inside hoping they will keep it permanently. 

I heard so many great things about their highlighters, and there is one that I’ve been dying to try out so I got it. I ended up picking up the highlighter called Churro. Churro is a pearlized highlighter that has a coppery peach tone with gold shimmer and silver glitter according to the website and I personally have to agree. Plus, the way It looks so pretty I had to get it! 

I actually ended up getting another thing from the Kathleen Lights X ColourPop collab and that was one of the many lippies. I decided on getting the Ultra Satin Lip in the shade Alyssa. Alyssa is a muted pink shade by the way. This is my go-to everyday type of shade so I’m happy to have this in my collection. 

Lastly, I ended up picking one more thing from the Holiday 2016 Collection and that was apparently a metallic lip [I didn’t realize it was metallic until I received it.] Either way, I really love the color! I picked up the shade Furry [not going to link it cause I’m not sure if it will be permanent. Sorry.] Furry is a burgundy shade. I usually don’t go for shades like this but once i swatched it.. I was in love! 

That’s everything that I have recently ordered from ColourPop. Do you shop alot on ColourPop? What’s your favorite product they have? 


19 thoughts on “ColourPop Haul 

    1. The prices are amazing! They so reasonable for pretty much any budget. Lots of people say the best way to use the shadows is with the finger, I’m gonna try that but I also like the brown shade I got for my crease so I have no idea how that going to work

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