25 Things To Do Alone

We all have those days where we just want to be alone. I honestly admit that I tend to have these days alot, even more that now I am a full time mother. You might be thinking to yourself, wait why would you want to be alone when technically your not since your a mother. Simple answer, I am a stay at home mom which means I’m constantly at home. 

Yes, I do love staying at home with my little munchkin [my daughter] but I do sometimes wish that I had at least some time to myself. Luckily, some days I take my muchkin to her grandmother [dad side] to spend a couple hours. So I decided to create this post so I could look back on when I have no idea what to do when I’m alone. 

  1. Go out to lunch or dinner – being alone gives you time to enjoy all the delicious food 
  2. Go ahead and read that book you’ve been wanting to read – Yes I’m talking about that one sitting on your desk
  3. Go to the movies – hey you don’t need to share your own popcorn now
  4. Do some yoga 
  5. Create a gratitude list – Its always nice to look back on things your grateful for
  6. Take a photo every hour of your day 
  7. Go for a relaxing walk by the beach – Its even more beautiful when the sun is setting 
  8. Get a manicure/pedicure – take time in choosing your design and color of choice 
  9. Travel – Is there that little place you’ve been dying to see? Go! 
  10. Watch all the shows you’ve been dying to see – YES, Its binge watch time!
  11. Make a pinic – who said you need someone to go with you to the park to have a picnic? 
  12. Break out those face masks and have a little spa night – Nothing Like a relaxation time
  13. Journal – Write all your thoughts down to look back on 
  14. Go to a concert 
  15. Donate to charity – You know you have clothes, jewelry books that you either never touch or barely used 
  16. Create a playlist – Could be of old rediscovered favorites, new favorites or whatever floats your boat 
  17. Go on a little boat ride  
  18. You live in a city? – Visit somewhere you’ve been dying to go 
  19. Write a letter to yourself – and open it in a couple years 
  20. Create a pinterest board of your favorite things 
  21. Have candles? – Light them up and turn off the lights and have a nice bath 
  22. Juice Cleanse? – Do it 
  23. Need more sleep? – Get some sleep, take a nap, drink some hot chocolate and relax 
  24. Sit with a book and look out your window 
  25. Look through your wardrobe and rediscover some faves you been looking for 

There you all have it, some things I think will be awesome for a nice time all alone. What are some things you like to do alone? Let me know. 


18 thoughts on “25 Things To Do Alone

  1. Hey Nikita, I love your ideas here! The one about writing a letter to yourself is pretty creative! Have you ever done it? I think I’m going to do it now. It could be a fun little experiment because I’m constantly changing my mindset/point of view on things :)) I also love the face masks idea, and I do that all the time when other people are around too loll multitasking!

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    1. Thank you so much. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while now! But like I mentioned being a mom sometimes overpowers what
      I sometimes would like to do. I think more about making a journal for my daughter to look back on. Omg! I do too! Even when I’m on a FaceTime call with a friend they be like “what are you doing?” I’m like “just some multitasking and getting my skin all beautiful lol

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