It’s Snowing Like Crazy!

Hey guys so I know I haven’t been active much lately. Sorry! I’m waiting for a couple things in the mail so i can do a birthday haul. Plus, my boxycharm is heading to me right now! Whooo! Soon my Facetory will be here, so there will be tons of posts going up soon. 

Right now, as I am typing this.. New York City is having a massive snow storm! I honestly cannot believe how much is snowing right now. It’s so much that before the snow storm hit they closed all schools and colleges [which I shouldn’t care since I’m not in school..yet!] In another post I will be talking about my goals for going back to school. So stay tuned. 

I can’t even open the windows to take a clear picture since they are frozen and even if I was able to the wind probably will mess up the shot no matter what. 

How is everyone doing today? 

I’m doing good. My daughter is right now playiny with her feet. I wish she was a bit bigger to play in the snow though. I am also, writing down ideas for my bullet journal. 

I think that’s it for right now. So i will see you all in my next post. 



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