Throwback Thursday: Gen Beauty NYC 

I know its been a while since I wrote a post and I’m sorry but I think its time that I bring a little more lifestyle to this blog. So, every now and then I will be doing a little throwback on an event that happened. Today is the first of many in my Throwback Thursday series! 

As you can see from the title of this post I will be taking it back to my first ever time volunteering at Generation Beauty NYC! If you never heard of Generation Beauty its a beauty convention that is created and hosted by IPSY. Yes, IPSY. 

I never knew you can volunteer until one day I was going through my facebook feed and there was an ad talking about being a volunteer for Gen Beauty. So, my noisey self checked it out and it was completly legit. So, I ended up filing out the quick application and In about 3 days I already had my scheducle and what I had to do to volunteer. 

Everyone who volunteered had to go to a quick meeting so we can get our shirts and IDs for the day we volunteer. 

Here is the picture of me with my shirt and landyard they gave us. You can see that they scheduled me to volunteer on September 18,2016. I had to be there if I’m not mistaken at 8am. This year it was held in Brooklyn since I totally forgot to mention it. 

All volunteers were lucky enough to use the free transportation that all gen beauty entees was able to use. 

My Volunteer Experience

My experience volunteering was good. I would totally do it again if I’m able to! Like I said, we had to be there at 8am to 5pm. Basically it was like a shift at a job if you think like that. They had us be there that early so they can place us in areas that needed help. I was placed at the H2O booth that they helping with making sure the line wasn’t getting too full and that everything was in order. So I did that the whole entire day. I was able to get a 30 minute break to call my mom to check on my daughter and to eat. After my break, they send me to help out at Derma E! 

At the end of the day, 5pm, all the entees had to leave. Us volunteers ended up helping the brands and some brands even gave us extra products. Like Derma E gave me a couple things that I already reviewed here on this blog. 

All of us volunteers got the goodie bag that entees would get as well. So I ended up with a bunch of products to try! Like I already mentioned I would totally volunteer again this year if I’m able to. If Gen Beauty goes around where you live; try to see if you can volunteer too! You would love it. 


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