Mommy Monday: My Epidural Experience

Hello everyone! This is the first installment of a brand new series called Mommy Monday. I know so unique right. Haha. If you didn’t know, I am a mother to a almost 9 month old baby girl. This series will be on of course Mondays and each week [hopefully] will be a different topic on parenting and motherhood. Of course I will be including little updates on how my munchkin is doing if you guys would like. 

Picture is from What To Expect.

Today I will be talking about my Epidural experience. I decided this would be a nice start to this series. Yes, I know it’s a bit weird to start off with this but just let me be! 

Let’s start at the beginning. 

When I was about 30ish weeks pregnant is when I began to think about my plans on labor. I of course did all my research [which I totally recommend.] After everything I talked to my OBGYN and we talked about my plans for labor. I already knew that me and pain do not mix whatsoever, so I decided that I would if the pain gets too unbearable I would go on the route of Epidural. 

The Time Is Here

On July 18, 2016 is when I went into labor. My contractions was 5-8 minutes apart since around 11am to 3:30pm. Around 3 is when they began getting stronger as well as I didn’t feel my daughter moving. So we went to the hospital to go to the Labor and Delivery floor. Since we went mainly since I couldn’t feel my daughter move they put me to do a ultrasound along with a stress test. Meanwhile this was happening my contractions went straight to 1-2 minutes apart quicky and painfully. 

When they noticed that and saw that everything was fine they decided it was best to admit me. They immediately saw the pain I was in and asked if epidural was something I wanted. Of course, I said yes. 

20 Hours Later Ish 

Now, it was the next day [July 19] and it was 2pm and I was pushing and delivering my baby. 

After Delivery 

After I gave birth and did everything that had to be done. Once they cleaned me, they took off the epidural. Which felt like a relief. 

How The Actual Pain Is.. 

So I quickly gave you guys the rundown on how my labor went but I didn’t tell you how  getting the epidural went until now. So mind you, you are in full blown contractions mode [and pain] So getting the epidural is one heck of a process. 

First off, your sitting and people are holding your hands and arms and helping you from moving [because] if you move the epidural could be placed where it not supposed to be and it can cause damage.  

Next, they clean your back and spinal area and get everything ready to put the needle. They tell you once they put the needle that you will feel some pain and that you have to try not to move! Which I will tell you its hard to do!!!! 

When they put that needle you will know it, trust me. You will feel it like a sharp pain [to me its worse then contactions its self.] Depending how it goes it can take around 10 minutes up to completely get the needle right and get all the medication correctly inserted and get you ready. 

The After Effects

Once you gave birth and everything and they take out the needle, now it comes to know if you will be unlucky and get the side effects. 

In my case, the effects of the epidural didn’t come until 1 month post-partum. The effects i had was horrible. I had horrible back pain to the point I ended up in the emergency room crying and shaking more then I can count. 

The side effect I got was: 

  • Servere Back Pain –  The pain would last over 20 minutes and took over my entire spinal area so bad that I ended up laying in bed or wherever I was crying and screaming and rolling back and forth. 

Now 9 months post partum I can happily say that I haven’t gotten one of those nasty pains in 6 months! So yes, it took until i was almost 4 months post-partum for the pain to finally stop. 

Also, I ended up taking many different types of pain medicine to no avail cause none of them worked on me. 

There you all have it my epidural experience. If you want a certain type of topic for the next Mommy Monday let me know in the comments down below. 


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