Where Have I Been? + Will I Still Blog?!

Hey guys! Long time no post! So sorry. I’ve just been caught up with a bunch of things happening all at once. Here’s what have been going on in my life so far: 

  1. I began Medical Assistant Classes on March 7. I am a full time evening student from 6pm to 10pm Mondays to Thursdays. 
  2. I ended up deleting my youtube channel and then recently came back to do youtube videos. Yes, i ended up deleting my first ever Channel just to come back about three months later on a new channel. 
  3. My daughter 1st birthday is coming up on July 19! So I’ve been busy planning her birthday and everything! If you guys would like to see a post on her birthday let me know. 
  4. My boyfriend/father of my daughter and I decided to go on a long term break. Well, more like he decided on it. So, as you can possibly guess I’ve hit a state of depression. 

Thats is basically everything that has been going on lately in my life. 

Now, for the biggesst question: Will i continue to blog? Yes. I really want to get back into blogging. I might try to do at least one post a week for now. I would of done more but I currently don’t have a laptop or camera. I just don’t have the funds for them right now, so I’m using my iphone 6s just for Youtube, instagram and here. 

I will see you all soon xx 


2 thoughts on “Where Have I Been? + Will I Still Blog?!

  1. Welcome back, looking forward for your posts to come. Sad that your relationship ended that way, that sucks really. Hopefully you’ll recover soon. xx


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